How to Make the Most of Bookmaker Bonuses

So, you have just registered with a new bookmaker and received your potentially lucrative deposit bonus as a result. The next step is of course to kick-start your betting. However, just how can you make the most of your welcome bonus? So many punters begin this process in hope rather than expectation, so it is more important than ever to have a clear plan as to how you are to consistently beat the bookmakers.


With the majority of bookmakers not allowing you to withdraw your bonus until you have met certain conditions, usually revolving around odds and number of bets, you must come up with a betting strategy that will consistently turn your bookmaker bonus into cold hard cash. Obviously, there is no such thing as a guaranteed winner, however you can save yourself a large portion of the bonus with almost no risk. Developing your own betting strategy is certainly the way forward. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.


The Simple Strategy

This strategy revolves around placing bonus bets at low odds, while splitting it across multiple bets. With low odds bets having a good chance of being successful, splitting the bonus bet money across multiple bets will reduce the impact of individual bets that unexpectedly lose. The simple strategy is easy to keep track of, and while returns may not be as high as found elsewhere, they are predictable and more consistent.


The Half-Stake Strategy

As the name suggests, this strategy involves selecting an even money, two outcome bet, before betting the full bonus amount on one outcome, as well as half the bonus amount on the other outcome, using real money at another bookmaker. Known as a matched bet, for those who utilise the services of more than one bookmaker, this strategy will guarantee that you will win fixed amounts of cash, no matter what the outcome is. With a good, if not substantial, level of returns, this is a sure-fire way to make the most of bookmaker welcome bonuses.


The Scientific Strategy

This strategy is based on the notion that bonus bets only return profit, rather than the underlying bet. By placing a series of high odds bets, as well as weighted matched bets using other bookmakers, you are guaranteed a return on your investment. High odds bonus bets have a much higher expected return than low odds bonus bets.

Aside from strategies, it is important to stick to what you know when betting, even when using a bookmaker bonus. Whether it be betting on Premier League football, horse racing from Cheltenham or Grand Slam tennis, you are much more likely to place successful bets if you have an understanding of the market, and those teams or players taking part. While the odds on consistently backing the favourites may not be as appealing as you had hoped for, in the long-run, it is far more rewarding to win on a consistent basis, rather than winning once every now and then. This form of betting will also ensure that you always have a percentage of your bonus left to play with.


Finding the Right Bonus for You

Whether it be free bets, a welcome bonus, reload bonus or a deposit bonus, it is also important to find an offer that suits your style of betting. While the majority of bookmakers will look to attract new customers with such promotions, many also reward loyalty, meaning that you can receive a potentially lucrative free bet or bonus just for using a particular sportsbook. So, ensure that you fully research bookmakers before registering, which includes looking at bonus terms and conditions, as well as ongoing promotions.


In general, there are a few major factors to consider when looking to make the most of a bookmaker bonus, whichever form it may come in:


Select from a reputable bookmaker – With a whole host of bookmakers now offering appealing offers and promotions to both new and existing customers, it is generally best to stick to the tried and tested names, rather than being attracted to a relatively unknown platform offering a seemingly “too good to be true” bonus.
Look carefully at the withdrawal conditions – Most bookmakers will introduce certain conditions and restrictions when it comes to making withdrawals from bonus profits. Be sure to check carefully before registering, looking specifically at the required odds and number of bets needed.
Deposit only what you need – For recreational punters, it is important to never deposit more than is necessary. If you are required to deposit £100 in order to gain access to a welcome bonus, then that is the amount that you should use, no more. Depositing more will only make it more difficult to withdrawn earnings in the long-run.