How to Manage Your Bookie Accounts

Getting on board with a betting platform can be an exhilarating, exciting experience for those yet to enjoy the thrills and spills of gambling on live sports. But an ill managed account can often be the downfall of punters who have not taken the time to learn the ropes before beginning to play. In this blog, we take a look at some tips for managing your account which can be considered good practice:


1. Avoid Regular Withdrawals

If you are winning big, that’s a good thing, but making regular withdrawals could lead to limitations being placed on your account, meaning the fun might stop in the long run. Successful bettors avoid attracting the bookies’ attention by whipping out money when they don’t need to, as this could scare the bookies into thinking you are a skilful pro or ‘sharp’.


2. Use PayPal/Skrill For Faster Withdrawals

Online ‘wallets’ such as PayPal and Skrill are designed to make things easier for you when making transactions online, and sports betting platforms are no exception. You can make withdrawals a lot quicker when you perform them by signing up to your account with PayPal, Skrill or a similar payment site.


3. No Obscure Bet Amounts

Beware of placing very specific sums on sporting events – as with tip number one, this could lead the bookies to think that you are a sharp, with the risk of limitations being placed on your account. So keep it to round figures.


4. Spread Bets Around To Achieve The Best Odds

You can spread bets around your different bookmaker accounts – this can help you win big without your account being limited, as placing large single bets is a way to arouse the attention of the bookies.


5. Keep Account Details Up To Date

You don’t want to miss out on any bonuses or special offers which can really add value to your online sports betting experience. After all, the bookies won’t give you many freebies, so when they do it is crucial to capitalise! Ensure that all the latest promotions are directed into your inbox or to your smartphone by keeping all your account details up to date at all times.


6. Make The Most Of Live Chat

Another resource offered to you by sports betting platforms which you should endeavour to utilise is the live chat function. There is a trained support representative who can help you 24/7 on some platforms, so if you are stuck on a certain feature within a platform, or are unable to find a bet, then don’t hesitate to ask the live chat operator to point you in the right direction. It could save you precious time which can be spent researching your picks.


7. Search Away

As above, a smooth search function can be a valuable element of many sports betting platforms, so make sure you are using it when you need to. Speed up your navigation to ongoing or future events in the sporting world by getting searching.


8. Record Your Preferences For Fractional/Decimal Odds

It might be down to which country we come from, or a case of personal preference, but many of us are accustomed to seeing odds in either fraction or decimal form. This is far more than simply a case of aesthetics. The way we see odds and interpret them can play a huge part in being able to scan lists of odds and weigh up their value in the mind. For this reason, you should always set your preference for either fractions or decimals on whichever platform you are using.


9. Set Deposit Limits Wisely

If you like to splash the cash, there is nothing wrong with that, unless you are betting with funds you really shouldn’t be. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep yourself in check on many sports betting platforms – set yourself a deposit limit if you feel there is a chance you could start gambling irresponsibly.