Paddy Power – Everything you Need to Know in 2017

If you’ve got any knowledge of betting at all, then chances are you know who Paddy Power are. In a world of companies trying to take advantage of social media marketing, they’re the absolute masters. They’ve got two separate Twitter accounts, one for customer service and the other one for – and there’s no other way to describe it – taking the mickey out of everything. It’s by far the most entertaining business account on the network, and has garnered over 625,000 followers as a result. Paddy Power’s TV ads, meanwhile, are pretty much all amazing.

But what’s it like to actually bet with them? We’re going to take a look.

Paddy Power’s Sportsbook

The first thing to note is that Paddy Power’s Sportsbook is seriously impressive. Pretty much anything you can think of has some sort of coverage. All of the big guns, of course – horse racing, football, rugby – but also more niche markets like volleyball, pool, netball and so forth. American sports also get some attention, though not as much as they do with more specialist bookies.

Essentially, if you can think of a sport, the chances are you’ll see it on the Paddy Power website. Which brings us handily on to the next section of the review…

The Website Itself

It’s worth giving a mention to the betting experience itself, which, in pure usability terms, is one of the best online. The website looks great and finding your chosen sport is as simple as casting your eyes down the menu on the left-hand side.

The ‘Quick Links’ menu is altered to show the most popular markets, which is a brilliant idea that other bookies should make more of an effort to copy. Head there during any major event – such as Royal Ascot – and you’ll find it front and centre. Looking to place a bet on a big match? Chances are it’ll take you less than 10 seconds to find the right page.

Once you head to a particular event page, it’s all laid out in an easy-to-find manner. Bets are listed according to popularity and it’s simply a matter of scrolling down to find your chosen market.

Even less experienced online punters will find the Paddy Power sportsbook easy to navigate.

In-Play Betting

The only area of the Paddy Power sportsbook that could do with some additional work is the in-play area.

We should probably preface this by saying that their in-play betting is by no means bad, it’s just not quite up to the same standards that some competitors have set – SkyBet and Bet365, for example, have better in-play areas.

What are the main areas of improvement? Primarily that the number of bets could be increased. The big football matches will normally have a lot of markets, but as soon as you move into lower or foreign leagues, the options go down quite quickly.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with the in-play on the Paddy Power site – it’s fine – but if there was one area of the sportsbook that we’d improve, it’s this.

Other Paddy Power Services

Paddy Power isn’t limited to the sportsbook, of course. There are a number of additional betting services available:


Love a lottery? Paddy Power’s Lotto offers a wealth of options for betting on lotteries around the world. Indeed, you can now bet as far as five weeks in advance, should you want to. Some of the lotteries chosen include the Irish Lottery, the New York Lottery, the Spanish Lottery, 49s and the German Lottery. You can also bet using your mobile, which is ideal for keeping track. For lotto lovers, Paddy Power is a great option.

Casino and Games

For some people, nothing beats a bit of Blackjack or a couple of hours spinning the roulette wheel. If you’re a fan of the casino or the games table, Paddy Power has definitely got a lot to offer. Indeed, they’ve got over 200 games available for play today. There is a combination of live and virtual casinos, as well as a number of slots and even financial trading. Perhaps the biggest benefit to the Paddy Power casino area is how well it works: the software is provided by Eleven and it looks the business.


The Paddy Power poker site layout has got a pretty unique look, but it still offers everything you’ll need for a good hour or two at the tables. In terms of features, it’s pretty loaded, offering up to eight tables at once and giving you the ability to play Texas Hold’Em, Omaha and Stud poker, depending on your preference. You’ve also got the option of playing for fake money if you prefer to play without the pressure. Again, if you’re a poker fan, Paddy Power gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Paddy Power’s Bonuses

The betting industry is cut-throat, and, like all other bookies, Paddy Power has to work to try and get new customers in. As a result, they frequently hand out great offers for both new and existing customers. For new players, they usually have a £30 free bet in place, and they regularly have in-play free bets and early payouts available on big football matches. Their horse racing events usually offer some great deals too, such as stake returns for when you finish second. In terms of consistent bonuses and rewards, Paddy Power is definitely one of the strongest bookies around.

A quick word on the PPlus Card

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the PPlus Card, which is a good option for anyone who knows they’re sticking with Paddy Power.

It’s a prepaid MasterCard that’s linked directly to your Paddy Power balance, but it can be used to withdraw money from ATMs and to pay for purchases face-to-face! When you make a purchase using the PPlus, the money comes directly out of your PP balance.

Furthermore, there are no charges or fees for using the card, with the slight exception of a 1% charge on foreign exchange transactions.

Summing up

In 2017, Paddy Power are one of the UK’s most popular bookies, and we’re happy to say it’s with good reason.

Whether you’re a footy fanatic or you can’t get enough of the horses, you’ll find everything you need at